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Many people believe a torn seat or faded leather and worn down fabric means a loved piece of furniture has finally reached the end of its Lifecyle, but that is not the case.

We bring life back to your old sofa, armchair or office chairs, with the magic of reupholster we can for all intents and purposes give you a new piece of furniture at a faction of the cost of buying new.

Our craftsmen will cleaning remove the old covers and foam replace any worn springs and foam and recover your beloved furniture with a new layer of fabric. The finished product is effectively new.  

Aside from the environmental benefits of recycling the costs are much lower when compared to buying a new furniture.

Our fast and efficient Dubai based service means we will often turnaround a reupholster faster than a new sofa can be delivered.

We have direct relationships with Fabric suppliers across the UAE, who import fabrics from all over the world

We offer a free door to door service and can respond quickly and even quote based on good quality WhatsApp photos.

Why Reupholster?

Reupholstering is an environmentally friendly way of renewing your old furniture, couch, chairs or any office furniture, if you own a quality piece of furniture which has simply aged or out dated colour designs, re-upholstery is the perfect solution. 

1. Your existing furniture it fits and you like it.
2. Recovering is much cheaper than buying new.
3. Tailored to your needs, so only you have that design.
4. Environmentally friendly.

upholstery in dubai upholstery in dubai
Give Your Sofa a New Life
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On our visit we will give you options for reupholstery, you have to choose and select fabric or leather for your taste.
Estimation and sofa pickup from location.
Sofa Reupholstery at our state of the art workshop, we make sure that you get a great sofa.
Sofa dropoff at your given location.
Home Upholstery
With care, we remove your furniture then strip it back to the core shell which is then surveyed and repaired as needed new springs, new foam or even some extra nuts and bolts to give more support. The core is then recovered with new layer foam and fabric of your choice.

Dubai Sofa repair lets you to upgrade your current hotel sofas or chairs without the cost and long lead time of replacement for new furniture.

We have a huge selection of commercial high quality grade fabrics, vinyl, and leather ready to choose for your hotel furniture. We also have the craftsmanship power and the right facilities to handle any large projects you may have in mind.

Free estimate in business hotel location
Free delivery for any hotel industry
Fast job scheduled on time immediately.
Warranty available
Fireproof, Anti Bacterial, Stain and Water Repellent
Fireproof Fireproof
Anti Bacterial Anti Bacterial
Stain and Water Repellent Stain & Water Repellent
Working with experts in the industry and hotels owners has given us all knowledge and experience of hospitality industry re upholstery demands. Our manpower makes us remarkable and fast working ahead on time. We cover all hotel industry around United Arab Emirates, we are proudly serving best quality beyond expectations.

Lobby, guest room and resort furniture reupholstered by supervised quality and supervised labor by professional licensed upholsterers.
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